Office Buddies and Dirty Shoes w/ Grace Risinger

Office Buddies and Dirty Shoes w/ Grace Risinger

Meet Grace Risinger 

Back for another summer as an intern for Campus Ink is Grace Risinger. As a part of the NIL team, Grace works with many of our College Athletes to create custom apparel. When she isn’t designing and working with customers, you’ll find her making content for the NIL Tik Tok. 

Grace is going to be a senior at Bucknell University where she is currently her sorority’s recruitment chair. In addition to this, she is constantly creating new custom apparel for her sorority. 

Out with the Old, In with the New 

This summer Grace dumped her old kicks and came in fresh with some new white Vejas. She might be known for getting things dirty, but let’s hope they come out of the summer spotless. 

Best Buddies 

Grace is a huge dog lover, but more specifically a Millie lover. Although she may sometimes claim the dog to be her own, Millie is Jess’s Pomeranian who loves to hang out in the office. If she isn’t with Jess, Millie can usually be spotted in Grace’s arms. To say the least, Millie is Grace’s everything.


Broc and Grace work side by side on the NIL Team. Grace says Broc has taught her many things like how to ease up on herself when designing, how to chat with customers, and be more confident in her skills. While working hard at their side-by-side desks, you will always hear them laughing and making jokes.

One of Grace’s best qualities is her drive and determination. She puts 110% into everything she does and we are excited to see how far she’ll go this summer!

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