Diet Cokes and Standing Desks w/ Lain Camino

Diet Cokes and Standing Desks w/ Lain Camino

Meet Elaina Camino

This Summer, we are so lucky to have Elaina Camino as a Marketing Intern. Elaina is from Pittsburgh and is an incoming sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Madison where she majors in supply chain management and marketing. 

Elaina Takes on Chicago!

Elaina has always loved Chicago and has visited and explored here tons of times, that’s what made her so excited about this opportunity to live and work in Chicago this summer. She currently lives in the loop with Gabby Parks and Grace Risinger who are also Campus Ink Interns. Elaina is a huge Cubs fan so she plans on spending her free time going to games and hanging out by the lake. 

Why Marketing?

With a Marketing major, Elaina has a lot of tools to help our team. In her past she has run socials for several different organizations. Elaina loves creating new content and coming up with unique ideas to take Campus Ink to the next level. 

What is Elaina Eating?

Elaina considers herself to be a big foodie and she runs an food instagram account called @whatselainaeating where she documents all of the delicious meals she enjoys on a weekly basis. Elaina is known for always having a diet coke with each meal. 

Welcome Elaina we’re so excited to have you and cannot wait to see what is in store for you this Summer!

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