Elementor #14384

Elementor #14384

Get to know Sofia Lynch! Sofia is a student at the Mizzou and is from Park Ridge, IL. Along with Gabby, Sofia is a recruiting and on boarding intern this summer for Campus Ink in our Chicago Office. 

Campus Ink + Sofia

Sofia commutes everyday to work and feels as if her time as a student designer and an intern has made her a lot more independent helps Sofia network herself. One of Sofias favorite parts about Campus Ink is that she is really able to manage her time and still enjoy herself as a student. She is able to do work, make money, build her resume and still be young and have fun. 

Italian Sofia

Sofia is very Italian and can speak fluent Italian. Of course, she often gets asked to say something in Italian, which can be stressful since she doesn’t know exactly what to say but one thing Sofia knows for sure is that she loves working for Campus Ink (lo amo designare per Campus Ink)


We’re so excited to have Sofia this Summer and cannot wait to see what else is in store for her! 

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