Graphic Design & Sales Skills w/ Emma O'Connor

Meet Emma O'Connor

This summer we are happy to have Emma O’Connor as a Campus Ink Intern. Emma is a rising Junior at the University of Illinois and is on the Total Merch Management Team (aka TMM) for the summer. 

Improving on Skills 

Emma has the chance to improve on her design skills daily. By practicing and working on TMM Merch Drops she says her Adobe Illustrator and design skills have excelled. Another great talent she’s getting more confident with are her sales. During this summer she’s done cold outreach, and worked with long time customers. Being able to be apart of these conversations has made her more confident. 

One Job to the Next 

mma doesn’t just work hard at Campus Ink, but in her two other jobs as well. When she isn’t in downtown Chicago you might find her working as a waitress for a local Mexican restaurant in Lake Bluff or doing payroll for the Aquatics Department at Lake Bluff Park District. She is a busy bee!

Emma has continued to do amazing work this Summer, we can’t wait to see how far she goes!

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