Office Plants and Video Beginnings w/ Matt Booden

Matt Booden will be a Sophomore at The University of DePaul in Chicago, studying film. Matt had an early interest in video work. He got into it by watching his favorite Youtuber, Casey Neistat. Matt also had an internship last summer with Indoor Drone Tours, which is how he got introduced to Campus Ink. He has excellent experience working with drones and even brought his own to the Lake Trip and got some great footage. 

Matt enjoys exploring different filming techniques. He explores documentaries, commercials, promotions, interviews, and many more. His current passion project outside of Campus Ink work is creating a 90’s inspired car commercial for his newest purchase of an old Volvo! Matt is also in a bowling league and has a Bowling Documentary you can find on his YouTube Channel called “The Last Strike – A Bowling Documentary” To see more of Matt’s work check it out here: Matt Booden YouTube 

Matt has his own video studio within the Campus Ink Office – his video lair if you will. In his video lair, you will find his plant, Gerald! If Gerald looks like he needs water, he probably does (; You’ll also find other little bits of his personality like his analog clock, old car toy, and a post-it-note that has “like” and “um” circled and crossed out. A gentle reminder to take out likes and ums from videos, per the request of his manager, Haley. 

Another great part about Matt’s video lair is whenever a video is finished he’ll call everyone in to share his videos. This is an office favorite. Matt says he loves getting to share his passion with others. Seeing the other employees excited about his work is a fulfilling experience for us all. 

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