Meet Nolan Ray 

<strong>Meet Nolan Ray </strong>

Nolan Ray is a TMM Intern for the summer in Chicago from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. He is currently going into his sophomore year studying advertising and public relations with an art minor.

Roommate Pact

It just so happens that Carter, Nolan’s roommate, also attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With this being Nolan’s first time in Chicago, Carter has gotten to show him the ropes. They currently have a roommate pact where Nolan teaches Carter how to start working out and Carter teaches Nolan how to dress. 

Rekindled Creativity

Prior to Nolan working for Campus Ink, he had been pursuing business and finance. He has always loved to draw, and Campus Ink rekindled his love of creativity and passion for art. He is a design master on procreate and even has his own design account on Instagram now @nolanray.png

Simple but Classic

Jimmy John’s is Nolan’s must-have fast food restaurant and he always orders nothing but the classic Slim 1. Keeping it simple and delicious with just ham and cheese!

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