Sales Lessons with Liz

Sales Lessons with Liz

Sales Lessons with Liz!

This week, the virtual interns as well as the in-person interns had the honor of listening to Liz Panella as she discussed sales tactics in the business world. Liz Graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communication and Leadership Studies. She was apart of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority on her campus. Starting her Junior year, Liz worked as a student designer for a competitor company. After graduation, she adopted the role of Collegiate Sales Director. Liz soon joined the Campus Ink team, where she obtained her current position as Business Development Manager on the NIL team. She works on the wholesale side with local and national campus bookstores and retailers.

Liz began speaking to the group about the characteristics of a good salesperson. She highlights some key points including: being a better listener than talker, don’t rush the story, and the importance of consistency. Liz says: “You are not going to get good at something overnight, you have to be consistent…activity yields results.”

Liz discusses the common debate of sales hunters vs. farmers. Hunters generate new leads, close deal after deal, and are money motivated. Farmers create and nurture long-term customers and seek additional opportunities within existing accounts. She encouraged the group to voice their opinions. As expected, there were several responses for both sides. Liz tells the interns that there is no right answer, but it is best to: “be a hunter who farms”.

Liz continues to provide valuable tips and tricks for the interns entering the business world. She encouraged everyone by saying: “You being the designer is the best advantage”. Liz was able to boost everyones confidence and give them the drive they need get get selling!

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