Meet Abbie Choi: Crochet Queen

Meet Abbie Choi: Crochet Queen

Meet Abbie Choi: The Crochet Queen

Welcome, Abbie! Abbie is one of our NIL interns this summer and she is bringing sunshine into the office everyday! Abbie is working hard to make graphics for our NIL page and reaching out to new athletes to sign with. Abbie was grew up in Palatine, IL where she discovered her love for sports. Playing lacrosse and being a cheerleader herself, Abbie knew she wanted to pursue a career in the sports industry. She is now going into her senior year at ISU where she plans to continue her career with sports. She is excited to work in the Chicago this summer and become even closer with the Campus Ink family!

Aside from being an amazing intern, Abbie has mastered the art of crocheting. She began last winter break when she had some extra time on her hands. Turns out, she was a natural! She channels her creativity into crocheting custom coasters, AirPod Max covers, and baby hats. If you get lucky, you might just be able to convince her to make you a personalized crochet masterpiece!

Something you will always find by Abbie’s side is her chapstick. This is an item she can never go without, and she considers it to be a necessity. Something to note about Abbie, is she is always prepared! Abbie is definitely a person worth getting to know!

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