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The calendar has officially turned to Merch, which can only mean one thing: Merch Madness is here.

Before I go any further, do yourself a favor and play this song in the background while you read. (You’ll thank me later).

That sound of jubilation you hear ringing across the country is the echo of sports fans uniting around the greatest sporting tournaments ever created: The NCAA Men’s & Women’s Basketball Tournaments.

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68 of the best men’s and women’s basketball teams across the country will vie in a single-elimination winner-take-all tournament for the right to be crowned a National Champion.

The Tournament will be chock full of buzzer-beaters, cinderella stories, smiles, and, sadly, many tears.

So don’t be afraid to get swept up in the romanticism of it all.

Head over to the Purdue NIL Store, where you can get Zach Edey’s one-of-a-kind hockey jersey. Show love to Grace Berger of the Indiana NIL Store, the senior who improbably led the Hoosier women’s basketball team to its first Big Ten Championship in 40 long seasons.

Every single team has a chance to be a UMBC knocking off a 1-seed, or a 15-seed Saint Peter’s improbably clawing its way to the NCAA Elite Eight. Or to be a Blue Blood like Kansas, which will go for back-to-back championships.

This is what we live for.

NIL Store Network Preps for Merch

Don’t you worry – our NIL Store Network of stores will be along for the ride every step of the way, dropping fresh merchandise and supporting our more than 1,000 student-athletes the only way we know how.

Keep in mind, we are the only NIL merchandise platform that develops individually curated web pages for each of our institutions. This allows us to service our customers with a journey that is specifically designed to their interests, which ultimately best serves our student-athletes. These sites are regularly updated, and even moreso as we journey through the month of Merch.

On top of that, we are the only NIL merchandise platform that provides individually curated social media accounts for each of our school stores. These accounts are curated by students on campus who live, sleep and breathe their respective school’s sports!

Be sure to follow your favorite school’s accounts on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings and newest merchandise drops.

Why the NIL Store?

Three simple reasons.

1.) We put our athletes first in everything we do. Prior to NIL, collegiate athletes had come last in every conversation. Our team is made up of former athletes, coaches and administrators who spent their careers fighting for athletes. Our “athlete first” mission is our guiding light in every decision we make.

2.) We provide our athletes with industry-leading payouts. Simply put, you can’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk. We wouldn’t be living up to our “athletes first” mission if we paid the same meager commissions as others in the NIL merchandise landscape. We take immense pride in providing our athletes with payouts they deserve. After all, it is their name, image and likeness.

3.) We provide NIL merchandising opportunities for ALL student-athletes at our licensed schools, not just some. Most believe that NIL is only a solution for the top 1-2% of athletes. But we know that every athlete has a market and is a hero to somebody. We are here for everyone.


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