How to Not Have a Sh*tty College Job

How to Not Have a Sh*tty College Job

Work Where you Want, When you Want 

Constantly dreading having to go to your work shift in between your weekly classes? You’re in luck. At Campus Ink, our Student Designers work remotely whenever AND wherever they want. This means working anywhere from a coffee shop or library to the comfort of your own room. Along with working whenever you want, you pick the hours you work. We believe students should be putting school first so there are no set amount of work hours.  

Make Campus Connections

There are dozens of organizations on a college campus that want custom apparel made for them. Student Design and Sales Managers get the opportunity to personally reach out to groups on campus for sales. This gives them the opportunity to make connections and network, right on campus. Become the face of Campus Ink at your school and easily make campus connections. 

Have a Creative Outlet

As a Student Designer, you get to come up with and create everything you sell. The creative possibilities at Campus Ink are limitless. Student designing is the best way to make money easily and have fun letting your creativity run while doing it. Not so creative? Keep reading, this next paragraph is just for you,  

Entrepreneurial Experience

Student Designers are paid off commission for orders. This gives an opportunity for students to build on entrepreneurial skills by reaching out to companies, organizations, and clubs on their own. You’ll realize that there is no end to who you can reach out to for custom apparel. Our most successful students make up to $200,000 in lifetime sales!!!

So what are you waiting for? Leave your sh*tty college job and be a Student Designer for Campus Ink.

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