Palettes Based on Bella + Canvas' New Colors for Fall

Palettes Based on Bella + Canvas’ New Colors for Fall

One of our favorite brands, Bella + Canvas just released a set of new colors and they are (insert heart eye emoji). Paired with other shades and tones, these colors make beautiful palettes for the fall. 


Throughout history purple has been used to represent royalty, regality and luxury. The new Dark Lavender color from Bella + Canvas is all that and more. It’s rich but subtle; soft but bold. Try pairing it with other shades of purple and rich browns for a warm, classic feel. 


Atlantic is a rich, earthy teal that everyone loves. Paired with other contrasting earth tones and this makes for a fall palette that screams pumpkin patch.


This one is so warm and dreamy. Whoever named this one was spot on. It looks just like a warm french vanilla creamer right before it hits your cup of coffee. This one is basically a neutral so you could really pair it with anything, but we love it with warm greys and soft blues. 


Pink in October is commonly associated with breast cancer awareness. Many women’s sports teams will don pink uniforms to raise awareness for the cause. If your team is hosting a Volley for the Cure or similar event, consider pairing your pink with contrasting greens or soft neutrals. 


Neon is having a moment right now. That being said, it’s not typically associated with fall. However, who says you can’t make a bright, bold statement just because the temperatures are lower and the leaves are turning? Match with colors that may tone it down just a bit and you’ve got the perfect combination. 


Heather Blue Lagoon is basically a lighter shade of Atlantic. Similarly, it looks great matched with the same earthy tones. Kick it up a notch by pairing it with a deep, rich red and you’ve got an incredible, modern fall palette.

Interested in creating merch with any of these fantastic new colors from Bella + Canvas? Email Jenna at or call 217.344.0944.

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