Nicknames and Pet Peeves w/ Gabby Parks

Nicknames and Pet Peeves w/ Gabby Parks

Meet Gabby Parks

Get to know Gabby Parks! Gabby goes to Illinois State University and is from Naperville, IL! This summer Gabby is in Chicago and working at Campus Ink as a recruiting and onboarding Intern. 


Gabby goes by a couple other names than just Gabby. Her friends like to call her Gibby, Goober and even Gabriel. However there is one thing for sure that Gabby cannot live without her Yeti Water bottle. 

Pet Peeves

There are few things that annoy Gabby, especially slow walkers in the city. Another thing that drives Gabby crazy is when people leave their dirty dishes in the sink! Gabby lives with Interns Grace and Lain so they are well aware to not do those things! 

Welcome Gabby!

Gabby has been apart of Campus Ink since 2019 and was even apart of our trip to Canada. We’re so thrilled to have Gabby interning this summer! 

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