Campus Ink Continues to Expand and Offers New Job Opportunities

Campus Ink Continues to Expand and Offers New Job Opportunities


Did you hear? We’re hiring
Here at Campus Ink, we are a leading custom apparel company specializing in providing merchandise for universities and colleges, and we have been experiencing significant growth since its establishment. With the recent signing of over 50 schools for the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) program, Campus Ink is expanding its operations and is opening up several new positions. 

The NIL program

Campus Ink’s NIL program is designed to help student-athletes earn money from their name, image, and likeness. This program has been successful, and as a result, Campus Ink is opening up several new positions to support its growth. Most of the positions are for the NIL program, which includes marketing, sales, and design roles. Campus Ink is seeking skilled professionals who can help student-athletes market themselves and manage their brand.

Positions available include:

Student Designer Program

Campus Ink’s student designer program is also thriving, and the company has an immediate need for someone to join the team. The program allows students who are interested in design to work with Campus Ink and gain valuable experience in the industry. With over 200+ college students working remotely across the country, the program has been successful in providing students with real-world experience, and Campus Ink is looking for a talented individual to manage the program and help it grow.

Positions Available Include:

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