Marketing Lessons with Kelsey

Marketing Lessons with Kelsey

Marketing Lessons with Kelsey

Kelsey Westhoff is the Director of Marketing here at Campus Ink. Her role is to support high level initiatives and make sure everything is in line and cohesive on all platforms. Kelsey Started her journey at Campus Ink this past January, and with all of her past experience, she has helped our company grow and gain even more traction!  Sean, a NIL employee, says: “Kelsey has been a massive help by taking everyones big ideas and executing them in a functional, beneficial manner.” Kelsey is an asset to the Campus Ink team, and she was able to share some of her insightful knowledge to the interns this week!

Kelsey starts her presentation by covering the marketing basics, including the four P’s of marketing, brand strategy, and building a marketing campaign. She explained Campus Ink’s brand identity and how we portray ourselves. For example, our tone and voice embodies a light, fresh, and young feel. We keep this consistent on all our platforms. Kelsey says: “consistency is key in building brand awareness!”

At the end of her presentation, Kelsey opened the floor to the interns to ask questions. So many had engaging comments and questions! One intern asked: “how do you implement trends when they have such a short lifecycle?” Kelsey says: “when creating content, 80% should be true to your brand, 20% should register trends. It is important to always lead with your company’s values.”

Throughout her time speaking with the interns, Kelsey was able to share a great amount of advice. She definitely left a mark on them, and set inspiration free!

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