5 things to focus on this May

5 things to focus on this May

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health is an important part of your overall health. this month we urge you to be honest, gentle, and intentional with your mental health

5 things to focus on this May:

1: Learn more

This is an opportunity to learn more about mental health – including your own. listen to a podcast, pick up a new book or read articles online.

2: Practice Self-Care

Set aside time for yourself, engage in hobbies you enjoy and implement habits that contribute to your well being

3: Talk Openly

The topic of mental health can be daunting to talk about, but spreading awareness by starting a conversation can help in creating a safe space and greater awareness

4: Check in with others

1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness, so please check in on your friends and family, you never know who may be suffering in silence

5: Show support

One way to show support is to donate to mental health foundations such as “The Jed Foundation.” a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting emotional health and preventing suicide among college students
Buy something from our limited edition “mental health matters” collection & you’re donating towards The Jed Foundation while wearing something that shows support & promotes positivity

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