What is the Student Design and Sales Program?

What is the Student Design and Sales Program?

A Student Design and Sales Manager at Campus Ink is a lot of things. But mostly we are a creative Community with over 200+ students across 40+ campuses. At Campus Ink, we strive to create real-life experiences for college students now.

The Role

Sales Focused

  • Work with your own Customers.
  • Reach out to your community
  • Learn Communication skills and techniques
  • Learn how to hit monthly sales goals
  • Work together with other students
  • Learn how to market yourself

Design Focused

  • Learn Design
  • Proficiently use Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn new techniques
  • Learn how to design apparel
  • How to create mockups
  • Create your wildest dream designs

My name is Haley Allen I’ve been asked with Campus Ink for 5 years. I joined the Student Design and Sales Program back in 2017, when I was a freshman in college. I was unsure at the time what Campus Ink was too, but now looking back, it is the best decision I could have made for my future self.

The Student Design and Sales Program opened up so many options for me including switching my major to graphic design after I started learning Adobe Illustrator. But design is not the only thing that you will learn here at Campus Ink. I’ve learned how to become a leader, developed my communication skills, how to sell, how to design, and have built a great community among 200+ other students. And I sold around $200K in merch while I was in college!

Being a successful student designer can look like becoming the best designer you have been in your entire life or becoming the best salesperson you’ve been in your entire life. The positions don’t stop there we host internships every summer where we house around 10 students from the program in Chicago. They come learn the ins-and-outs of business in our Chicago office.

Broc Anthony who was a student designer at the University of Illinois is also still with Campus Ink to this day and is a manager for many students across the country.

The passion that all of us at Campus Ink have for teaching students sales and design as well as just how to become a decent human being is unmatchable. We strive to teach students real-life experiences, put them in leadership positions, and bring out their most passionate creative sides.

How Do You Get Started Becoming a Student Design and Sales Manager?

The first step to becoming a student design and sales manager is applying! We are looking for students who are motivated, creative, eager to learn and ready to start selling.

To get the most out of this program we suggest that you are a freshman, sophomore or incoming Junior. Our program is designed to teach students over 2-4 years worth of design and sales.

The first eight weeks will be your onboarding and training process. The onboarding and training process is an online program that you will take at your own pace. It is designed to be 8 weeks long. Some students have finished it in less than a week and some students have taken up to the eight weeks to finish it. It is on your time! During this training you will learn the ins-and-outs of Campus Ink.

The second half of training is all about design. The first step of the design training is how to download Adobe Illustrator on your computer. Now some of you may already be interested in design and that’s why you’re applying for this position, that’s great! And some of you may know nothing about design but are super curious about how you can get started. Throughout the 4 weeks of the design portion of training you will learn the ins-and-outs of the design process.

We have curated our training program to be simple and easy but also filled with information and resources that you can use after your college career.

What You Will Learn in Sales Training

  • How to sell to customers
  • What kind of merchandise we provide
  • What kind of promotional products we provide
  • How to communicate with customers
  • Where to find customers
  • How to stay organized and build yourself a calendar
  • How to track your leads and set yourself up for Success

What You Will Learn in Design Training

  • How to mock-up Your Design
  • How to design for screen printing
  • How to vectorize your art
  • Where to find inspiration and so much more.

What Makes Campus Ink Different?

So you may be asking what makes us different from every other college job out there? Well we really value teaching. Teaching is what makes us different. We want to put real experiences in our students hands. We want to learn with our students. This job is for someone who is motivated and wants that real experience.When you get hired as a Student Design and Sales Manager you are paired with someone, like myself, who is a Collegiate Sales Manager. We are there along the way to guide you and help you with anything that you need, Campus Ink related or not. We want to help you find your job after college. We want to help you build your resume.

Our goal in the Student Designer program is to give college students the opportunity to learn real life experiences. We Thrive off of the community that we’ve created and want to continue to make it better every single day. We have programs and positions in place such as our leads program. If chosen, you have the option to be a leader on your campus and build your team. This is a fantastic opportunity that you can do in college on your own time and put on your resume. It looks fantastic that you can literally say that you were an account manager in college. Where else would you get this kind of experience?

If you’re not already sold on our program or the people and passionate ideas that we have here at campus ink reach out to me at Haley@campus.Ink for more information I would be happy to hop on a call with you and share my passions for Campus Ink and hopefully you can find your niche here as well.

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