Never Sell Cookie Dough Again

Never Sell Cookie Dough Again

For most people the word fundraiser is enough to send chills up your spine. The dread of selling cookie dough, candles or <insert random product> to raise a few bucks for your kid’s baseball team can be incredibly overwhelming. You have plenty of other things to do besides trying to convince all of your friends and family members to buy whatever item your kid is selling this year.

Fear not – Campus Ink has a solution. We offer comprehensive online store programs with the option to add a fundraising component. Could your team organization use some money for equipment, travel or other resources? You can add any amount of money on top of the your given price in order to fundraise for your team. For example, if your sales rep says a t-shirt will cost $12 on your store, you can add $5 for fundraising making the shirt at $17 on your online store. $5 from every t-shirt sale will go directly back to your group.

Basically, we do all the work and you raise money for your team, organization or department. It truly is that easy. Oh, and bonus – your friends and family get awesome apparel instead of candles they don’t need.

So how does it really work? We’re glad you asked. First, you’ll work with a Campus Ink sales representative to decide what products and designs you would like available on your store. Once all that is figured out, you’ll send your private online store link to your team members and supporters. The rest is on us. We collect and organize all the order information, sizes and payments for you. We’ll print the apparel (obviously). But wait, there’s more (super bonus points if you get that reference) – we also deliver your orders individually bagged and tagged (which means labeled in our world). Gone are the days of you sorting by sizes and checking names off one by one on a sheet of paper. We make orders easy to hand out come delivery day ensuring that everyone gets exactly what they ordered. When it’s all said and done we write you a check for the total amount fundraised from the online store.

Let us help you raise money for your group and you’ll never get stuck selling cookie dough again.

For more information or to set up an online store, contact Jenna Koss via email at or via phone at 217-344-0944.

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