About Us

Why We Do It.

We love watching our customers bring their design dreams to reality. Generations of experience packed with deep roots, history, and personal relationships make every customer experience special. We have added the cutting edge technology that makes working with us simple and enjoyable. We believe in collaborative learning. We love sharing the passion and joy of custom decorations with young and old. Every business knows what they do. We start with the why.

What We Do

We love what we do and do what we love. Check out all the things we can do for you and your project, and all of the benefits we provide along the way.

Our Story

With generations of experience and a history dating back to before the WWII, a lot has happened to land us where we are today, and with new energy we our growing faster than ever.

Our Team

A sturdy house starts with a sturdy foundation. We believe this mindset at Campus Ink, and have made it our mission to create the strongest foundation possible by working only with the most talented and dedicated in the field.